When Wells Fargo Comes To The Rescue

Wells Fargo is notably one of the best services providers when it comes to outstanding banking services and offers given to its customers. And not only does it provide banking services, but also offers assistance with managing their customers' finances in order to help them develop a healthy habit of keeping an eye on their budget.

It is not surprising that a lot of people struggle to keep their budget afloat. People face trouble in paying their bills and loans, and accumulate negative credit scores. This is one of the major reasons Wells Fargo offers programs and personal meetings to help customers resolve their financial issues and live a better life without debt, bad credit score and unpaid bills.

There are several stories of Wells Fargo where they have helped their customers overcome financial hurdles so that they can live a happy and prosperous life. Routingnumberusa.com contains a lot of these stories and other accounts of outstanding services offered by Wells Fargo.

One such story is that of Richard Leistiko who travels across the state, seeking teaching assignments to educate children and help them succeed. This led him to Nome, Alaska and then to Oakland, California, where he teaches kindergarten kids at a charter school. Richard soon realized that his finances need a transformation too.

"I had just seen a Wells Fargo commercial that conveyed the message that Wells Fargo was willing to help people financially even if they had limited assets," Richard said. "I decided to see if they could help me." Richard was struggling to manage his student loan debt, hence he visited Wells Fargo's banking store in Nome to have a word with Personal Banker Drew McCann.

With Drew's help, Richard chalked out a budget and a plan for paying his bills and managing daily expenses. He made a habit of doing monthly check-ins to observe his progress and still does so with Personal Banker Brett Northup in Oakland. Richard ultimately paid off his debt, improved credit score and built up an emergency fund- all this in 18 months due to Richard's financial efforts and help from Wells Fargo Personal Bankers Drew and Brett.

"Seeing where my money was coming in and going out has made a world of difference," Richard said, "and the monthly check-ins keep me committed to my budget and on track to reach my goals."